Vica (International) Company Limited is the subsidiary of Vica Fireseals (H.K.) Company Limited, which is the top supplier of fireproof materials since 1990. We are the supplier of fireproof materials with high technology and high quality. We use professional knowledge and unique technology to develop high quality products that can fulfill the needs of our customers. Since the products are all in good quality, we have a very good reputation in the international market.

Nowadays, Vica Fireseals (H.K.) Company Limited is one of the main suppliers of constructing industry in Hong Kong. We are also the appointed material supplier of some companies of influence.

In this few years, since we have a good reputation in the industry, with the help of all our colleague, we established Vica (International) Company Limited to develop our business in interior and exterior wood coating field. Based on our well-developed and mature network for import distribution, we become the sole agent of some of the European and USA brands, which have been set up for over 100 years.

Now, Vica Firseals (UK) Company Limited and Vica (International) Co. Ltd is the branch and subsidiary company of Vica Fireseals (H.K.) Company Limited. Vica (International) aims at developing the wood coatings industry. Its service areas include manufacture of furniture, outdoor wooden furniture etc. We have set up a steady company system, in order to improve constantly and spread our business over the world.